Why your horse stopped eating ??

If your horse stopped eating is that it has a problem. The horse is a resistant creature but, like all living things, it can fall ill or be injured.
A healthy horse is alert, has bright eyes, and is very interested in everything that happens around him. The animal must stand upright well on its four members. The base of the ears should be warm to the touch.

Signs of illness vary, but some symptoms are common to all disease states. A horse can not eat, a free horse collar suddenly becomes "pigheaded" - these are signs that something is wrong.

It is therefore essential to find a veterinarian that you trust and if you ever have any doubts, do not hesitate to call. Better to pay a consultation that the risk of making itself a diagnostic error will cause perhaps a more serious illness or death.
However, all horse owners should have a working knowledge of first aid to give, and to be a first aid kit should be placed in an easily accessible place.

Maybe a back problem

Back pain or low back pain are very common problems in horses mounted, regardless of the discipline they practice. In fact, some horses do not suffer.

A saddle unsuitable

A problem with equipment may be the cause of the pathology : a poorly fitting saddle restricts the movement of the horse and can be a source of discomfort or pain for the horse. The movement becomes shorter, the horse does not use well his back and he may find it difficult to move in the desired manner and form by the rider. Pain causes stress and illness.

Nowadays, you can use a saddle-fitter to adjust the saddle at equitack.

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Great riding gear and at a great price

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Why opt for an english saddles at Equitack.com

Why opt for an english saddles at Equitack.com
Buy a saddle is not taken lightly. Several owners neglect the details and like to buy brands that best fits your horse. Know his horse is not that difficult, just maintain it well and you will know what's best for him.Filter your saddle by several methodsFrequent activitiesYou have several disciplines with the horse. A horse for obstacles needs the necessary at this level. There is also the joint saddle that will go at every opportunity. There is also the dressage saddle or that (used english saddles for sale) [...]

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